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We help you get back in the game

(even if you're not into sports.)

Professional Services:

All bookings are by appointment only.


In-home Private Sessions ($100+HST)

Private 1-hour appointments are available in your house or condo gym for your convenience.  The initial session includes recording your medical history as well as a physical and functional assessment to determine the best way to target your needs.  Since you will be receiving the services in the same place as you will be exercising independently, this increases the likelihood of adherence and improves your chances for success.

At The Orthopaedic Therapy Clinic (1-hour @$100+HST; 30-min @ $55)

Offering both 30 minute and 1-hour appointments, you can visit us at our well-equipped facility located at 1075 Bay Street (SE corner of Bay Street and St. Mary Street.)  Please contact us by phone at 416-925-4687 or email at for more information..

Expert Consultation ($120+HST)

John Gray is available to help you with specific issues on an "as needed" basis.  Individual consultations can be booked to help in situations such as:

  • if you are currently working with a trainer or other fitness professional, but just can't work around a problem.  Your trainer is welcome to attend so that you get the most out of the appointment.  

  • You are a health or fitness professional with a client for whom you would like some direction on helping them overcome barriers to progress.

  • You are an avid exerciser or recreationally-competitive athlete, but are looking for regular updates to keep you heading toward your goals.

Each session is 1-hour in length and includes an assessment/re-assessment​ of your status, development of a treatment or training plan, and a results-focused program to help you achieve success.

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